November 27, 2021

boost your company’s image!

Pascal Marty and Aurélien Trompeau, with their agency Millau Communication, offer a complete digital communication offer: website creation, referencing, video, photo, drone, live streaming (multicamera broadcasting live on the Internet) and of course expertise and strategy.

Iestablished for several years in the audiovisual sector in Millau and its region, Pascal Marty and Aurelien Trompeau continue their development by launching Millau Communication. A real agency to start or strengthen its presence on the web. Self-employed people, micro-businesses and SMEs, as well as major accounts, have already trusted them.

« This project was born from a request from our customers, Explain Pascal Marty. Video is often a way to gain notoriety on the web. This is generally part of a more global visibility search process, with a real need for support. With experience, we have been able to acquire a fairly broad vision of the digital sector and the dos and don’ts. Frequently, our clients ask us about the strategy and positioning to adopt, whether to stand out in terms of SEO or simply have a digital identity that enhances the company. We first did that without necessarily monetizing it, over the course of the discussions … Then, we realized that there was material to broaden and deepen the reflection, by proposing a global offer with the content (photo, video, drone, editorial) and the container (website, social networks). The idea is that the customer has a single interlocutor and can have a set of coherent services, as well at the graphic level as in terms of strategy or referencing. »

Despite 30 years of experience (between them!), The two professionals therefore spend several months training and attending conferences. They focus on natural referencing (SEO), which allows, among other things, to appear in the first places on Google. ” We have had several experiences with clients who had fairly recent sites, but could not show up on search engines, indicated Aurelien Trompeau, référent SEO. In general, real analysis and focused work can get results fairly quickly. »

Identity and know-how, at the heart of the digital approach of the Millau Communication agency

« Whether it’s a website, video or photos, it isn’t enough to make a beautiful product to make it work, continues Pascal Marty. Our approach is really to understand the functioning and the needs of our customers, to develop a digital product which resembles them, with a sustained referencing. We are also trying to go a little against the tide of standardized communication, with its hype! We can see that these trends have a short-term impact, but run out of steam very quickly for lack of a global vision. Behind every business, every trader and every craftsman, there is a story. It is often by making a bridge between identity and know-how that we manage to transmit a lasting image that stands out on the web. ».

To maximize the visibility of its customers, a “super service” of communication is being studied. An offer that will take the form of a partnership with (web and print media distribution) and Land of Crea (print, vehicle flocking, installation of signs). A collaboration that could be fully effective by the end of the year.