November 29, 2021

Between AJ Coertzen, Aurillac winger and Carlyn, triathlete, the passion for sport is shared with the family

In recent days, in the discussions at the morning coffee, a family story has come to mind as the match between Aurillac and Rouen approaches. The hypothesis of seeing a trainer and his offspring come face to face for a few minutes.

But if rugby is used to meetings – most often stories of siblings – sport as a daily shared in the family unit can also go beyond the framework of rugby. Like AJ Coertzen, wingman from Aurillac, and his wife Carlyn, accomplished triathlete, and winner of the second edition of the Tri Montagne Volcan X Tri, this summer.

Aurillac bows heavily in Mont-de-Marsan (38-10): “It’s a one-sided game until the 65th minute”

A meeting born around sporting activity

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“When we got to know each other, we were 17, it was at school, during athletics sessions. We both started training and enjoyed running together. And we’re both lucky enough to love outdoor activities, so that helps, ”smiles the three-quarters.

This taste for the effort together, the couple also cultivated when they arrived in Aurillac, in particular via hiking. “We have done a lot, and there are a lot of superb courses in Cantal. Now it’s more complicated since the birth of our baby ”.

For her first triathlon in two years, Carlyn Coertzen won on the Volcan X Tri at Lac des Graves this summer. Carlyn Coertzen Photos Jean-Paul Cohade

Both have therefore set up a rhythm that suits them well, where everyone can find their way, with a certain particular fact: “I train most of the time, I do this all day. So as soon as Carlyn can have time when I’m at home she takes the opportunity to train. We found this balance to both find ourselves at home and also do what we love ”.

In Mont-de-Marsan, Aurillac moved on the wrong foot (38-10)

The fact that AJ like Carlyn are top athletes was also decisive when the former had the opportunity to take the plunge to join Europe.

“As a top athlete Carlyn knows what it means to train, to have to recover and it’s a chance to have someone who knows and understands that with you”

AJ Coertzen (Stade Aurillacois winger)

An engine for its performance

And the winger also sees his wife’s practice as an engine for her own performance. “She allows me to believe in myself. And when I see all the sacrifices she makes, she too is an example and she encourages me to do the same ”.

“One day, yes, I will try the triathlon but I will have to manage to get by with swimming”

Carlyn had thus removed the Volcan X Tri for her first triathlon contested for two years, moreover after a pregnancy. All after having also distinguished herself on the trail for her debut in this event in preparation for the triathlon.

Grégoire Planel and Carlyn Coertzen win on the Volcan’X Tri in Lac des Graves (Cantal)

The pace of the Pro D2, and that of young parents still remains an obstacle to, on occasion, offer joint sporting outings. “But from January, Camille, our daughter, will go to a nanny,” notes the winger.

Maybe one day to see AJ try the same discipline as his wife ?? “One day, yes, I will try, I will still have to get out of it with swimming,” laughs the Aurillacois.

The closed camera page, the whole family can enjoy

In the meantime, the rugby player who remains on very good performances since the start of the season on his wing has other goals to achieve with the Stadium, and over time. It starts tomorrow, with the reception from Rouen to Jean-Alric.

A pregnant where, if she obviously does not yet understand everything from the top of her 13 months, little Camille Coertzen can watch her father since the stands have turned the page of in camera. Well, the temperature may not lend itself to sticking your nose outside …

But against a team that is doing well with three tries scored in the last two seasons, AJ Coertzen has something to box images to share for the future, within a family where sport is also a glue.

Jean-Paul Cohade