November 30, 2021

Angers: the scathing new truths of Romain Thomas on arbitration

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The end of the match for this PSG – Angers is likely to make people talk for a long time. After the penalty suffered by Pierrick Capelle, the Angevins feel aggrieved while Mauro Icardi is guilty of a fault at the start of the action on Romain Thomas. Very angry after the meeting, Romain Thomas does not yet hide his frustration in comments reported by The team : “Icardi, he’s just pulling on his arms. Already, during the match, I warned the referee. On the action, he picks up speed because he pulls my arm. I fall. In my head, anyway I tell myself that there is a fault. When the referee goes to see the VAR, I tell him: “be careful, this is happening upstream”. He said to me: “it was checked”. I said: “So, there is a big problem of competence. The problem is there: the referees do not want to go back because they lose points for their classification.“he said echoing the words of Jean-Louis Leca during the derby between Lens and Lille last year.

Thomas unleashes the referees and offers them help!

The SCO defender even went further, disengaging at all costs: “They don’t have that humility (to recognize their mistakes). Whenever I make a mistake, I assume it. When they do, they have to say it too. In addition, I told him: “take the time, take the videos that interest you”. I call it incompetence. I wonder if all umpires know the rules and know how to use VAR. Already I find them limited at the physical level to follow the actions. Some are burned, they can’t even keep up with the speed of the game. The game goes too fast“he said.

Deploring a lack of communication, Romain Thomas hopes that the referees will soon be equipped as in rugby with a microphone. Also wishing to review certain rules, particularly in terms of offside and hands, Angevin submitted another idea to help the refereeing body: “I will even be a supporter, that an active player, suspended for example, goes in the bus, and that he is there to help the referees. Why not ? Me, if I was brought in a bus, I would be objective“he concluded.

to summarize

Still very cold after the arbitration decisions of PSG – Angers, Romain Thomas literally let go of the arbitration. The Angevin defender tackled the state of mind of the referees and offered them help.

Nathan Bricout