November 30, 2021

An octogenarian deprived of 90,000 euros in savings, Le Maire will “reexamine” her case

ECONOMY – The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire will “reexamine” the case of an octogenarian who lost nearly 90,000 euros in Treasury bills, the State refusing so far to reimburse him, after the Defender of rights has exceptionally decided to publicize this case.

The case began in 1996, when Francine Chaffard and her husband, who has since died, bought 72 treasury bills for an amount of 89,944.92 euros, and valid at the time for 30 years.

In 2008, however, a change in the law modifies their validity to 5 years. For Francine Chaffard, this means that her Treasury bills will now be prescribed, or expired, in 2013.

Despite several trips to its local treasury, in Toulon, to cash vouchers between 2009 and 2011, no one informed Francine Chaffard of this change, she says. So much so that in 2017, when she sought to be reimbursed for other vouchers, she was refused a refusal and then referred the matter to the Defender of Rights.

State fault

The latter repeatedly calls on the Ministry of Public Accounts and that of the Economy and Finance to request the “benevolent review of this file” and grant “exceptionally” and in the name of “equity” the reimbursement. coupons, details its special report.

But the administration and the heads of Bruno Le Maire’s cabinet respond unfavorably to this request, believing that the State had no information obligation concerning the new law which modified the prescription of bonds.

Questioned on the subject Monday evening on LCI, the minister “said he was very touched by this affair” and indicated that he would “re-examine” the file. “If she has not been notified (of the change in the law), the subject must indeed be reexamined,” he explained.

Asked earlier Monday by AFP, the ministry did not wish to speak on “a particular case” in progress, taking refuge behind “professional and fiscal secrecy”.

In a press release, the Defender of Rights Claire Hédon who decided, a very rare thing, to publish her special report in Official newspaper, “Deplores” the failings of the State in this case concerning “the duty of information on the change of the limitation periods” which resulted in “heavy material and moral damages” and regrets that “the request for payment in equity has remained without a reasoned response ”.

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