November 29, 2021

Alone against all, Vikash Dhorasoo finds Bosz ridiculous

Olympique Lyonnais scored a major success on Thursday night in the Europa League against Sparta Prague. The Rhone club will once again be able to thank Lucas Paqueta.

OL had a stunning match on Thursday in the Europa League. The first period for Peter Bosz’s players was very complicated. But in second, the Dutch coach was able to count on the talent of his jewel Lucas Paqueta to change the situation. A Paqueta who started on the bench after arriving late for the team chat, which gave Peter Bosz no choice but to impose his authority. If most observers have validated the choice of the technician from Lyon, this is not at all the case with Vikash Dhorasoo.

Bosz used the wrong method with Paqueta?

On the set of The Channel The Team, the consultant did not do it in the language of wood. “I think the coach wanted to punish a player but he had to use it so it didn’t really work. I find that ridiculous. There are so many other ways to penalize a player or show that you are not happy. I remember once, two players arrived for the chat being late, and the coach said to them: ‘Okay, you don’t need a chat so we will start the game without a chat, you manage ”. It makes you less want to do it again. Once a trainer sent us to sign autographs early in the morning when we had no training. Bosz decided to show he had power to finally use Paqueta very quickly. Paqueta came home easy and blew it up. He shows that it didn’t affect him too much. He’s the best player in Lyon, I find that a bit ridiculous but hey ”, said Vikash Dhorasoo, not in agreement with the strategy used by Bosz to punish his flagship player.