November 30, 2021

Alejandra Espinoza says she looks pregnant

. Alejandra Espinoza reveals a disease

Alejandra Espinoza has always been a very honest celebrity with her audience. And in an act of sincerity, the host of the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina has revealed that she suffers from an illness that makes her look like a pregnant woman.

The former beauty queen took to her Facebook account to show live the effects her illness is having on her stomach, and revealed that she is on an appointment with doctors to determine what she’s doing. had exactly.

“In other words, it looks like I’m about 3 or 4 months pregnant… and it’s not so much that you gain weight, it’s the discomfort that you feel. My pants don’t close… it’s my legs, my feet, everything weighs you down and only those who suffer from it know what it is, ”the former Mexican queen said in the post on her social network that we are sharing here.

“Although the weight gain is the least of things, if we lead the same life as before we have to find out why, like night sweats, headaches and irritability, because sometimes it can be something that can be sorted out very quickly by consulting the doctor, “added the Mexican.

The wife of choreographer Anibal Marrero explained that she even believes that her health problem, which she describes as a “hormonal” problem, is responsible for her inability to fulfill her dream of giving a brother to her son Mateo.

“It turns out I’ve been struggling with this problem for a long time, it’s part of a hormonal problem, with water retention but gun, gun, gun. In other words, I can gain 10, 11, 12 kilos when I have my period (…) I do like a week a month more or less. Right now I’m in those, and the 10, 11, 12 books don’t matter, the problem is discomfort, “said the winner of the first edition of Nuestra Belleza Latina.

The spoiled queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina added that in addition to the inflammation in her stomach, there are other symptoms that are seriously affecting her.

“I really have times when I wake up early in the morning and I can take my shirt off and I almost have to tighten it and I’m sweaty, so wet I have to change the sheets and stuff. They also give me headaches, meaning the headaches they give me are horrible, ”said Alejandra. “It is normal for your hair to fall out ie we all lose our hair, but in very large amounts it is not normal and needs to be treated and sometimes there are hormonal issues that we have that we do not know; that among a lot of things honestly. Sometimes they even tell me that my voice is hoarse because the change in voice is also a hormonal problem ”.