November 30, 2021

After Marvel and the Eternals, Chloe Zhao would like to make a Star Wars movie for Disney

After The Eternals For Marvel, Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao wouldn’t be against staying at Disney to make a movie Star Wars.

In addition to the three Oscars of Black Panther, the first MCU film to land the precious sesame, Marvel will soon be able to boast in its ranks its first Oscar-winning director, and even double Oscar winner. Chloé Zhao who directed The Eternals, the next Phase 4 film, recently left its mark on the film industry by becoming the first filmmaker of color – and only the second woman – to win the Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture for the upsetting Nomadland (Taika Waititi having been awarded for the screenplay adapted from Jojo Rabbit one year before).

Obviously, after his two previous indie films, The Rider and The songs that my brothers taught me, contrary to the standards of franchise blockbusters, seeing the director land on a super-heroic blockbuster for Disney was enough to surprise and even excite Denis Villeneuve. And after this first experience, she would obviously not be not against the idea of ​​continuing to collaborate with Mickey by tackling another big license from the giant.

Another idea of ​​Captain America

During a recent interview with the magazine Empire, Chloé Zhao mentioned Star Wars on several occasions, to the point where Al Horner, the reporter interviewing her, asked her if she would like to direct a film for the George Lucas franchise: “I have to be very careful with what I say here. Yeah, let’s say it’s a world [ndlr : Star Wars] for which I have a lot of respect because he has been an important part of my life.”

By moving from Marvel to Star Wars, the director would be the second woman in the saga to go behind the camera after Patty Jenkins for the next Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. On the other hand, this time it would not be the first filmmaker awarded by the Academy to put his talent at the service of the franchise. Ron Howard, who directed Solo : A Star Wars Story (and ironically one of the less popular parts of space opera), has already won the Oscar for best film and best director with An exceptional man.

photoThe Eternals

For his part, Rian Johnson (The Last Jedi) was nominated once at the Oscars for the original screenplay ofKnives Out, while George Lucas was on four occasions for New hope and American Graffiti, but neither has ever walked away with one of the coveted golden statuettes. If Chloe Zhao’s affirmative response should not fail to return to the big ears of the company, nothing for the moment officially connects it to the very distant galaxy of Lucasfilm.

To see Chloé Zhao’s first and for now only blockbuster, we will have to wait for the release of Eternals November 3 in theaters.