November 28, 2021

After: fans have had scenes from the last two films edited! – Cinema News

Megan Choquet

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Directing the last two parts of the After saga, broadcast exclusively on Prime Video in France, Castille Landon explained that she had taken into consideration the comments of the fans for certain scenes of the films.

After Jenny Gage and Roger Kumble, Castille Landon was chosen to direct the last two parts of the After saga, adapted from the novels for young adults by Anna Todd. The actress and director, who shot After: Chapter 3 and After: Chapter 4 one after the other in Bulgaria, really took it to heart to conclude the tormented love story between Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin. (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin).

To the point of taking comments from fans of the franchise into consideration and modifying certain scenes, as she revealed in an interview for SensaCine :

“I wasn’t very involved on social media before I got into the franchise, and I think something wonderful that came out of it was that I was able to trust [aux fans] in a strange way.

I have been very active with the fans and at times tried to ask them questions and use the ideas they had. I also discovered that there were things in the books that I didn’t understand the same way they did that they didn’t like. ”

Fewer toxic scenes

Critics from fans are mostly about unhealthy moments between the two lovebirds who have a relationship considered toxic throughout the saga. And it is thanks to their remarks that the director proceeded to modify the script which reproduced the scenes from the novels almost as is:

“I didn’t understand that they had some kind of love-hate relationship with the material [original]. So seeing their comments on social media, like ‘We don’t like this because it’s toxic’, it helped me come back to the script, in which the written scenes were exactly the same as in the book. So I changed them. “

While director Castille Landon hasn’t clarified which exact scenes were edited in After: Chapter 3 and After: Chapter 4, no doubt fans who have read the novels will spot these differences between the original material and adaptations.