November 28, 2021

a trailer that beats (or not) for the female action film

Jessica Chastain Gathers Elite Agents To Save The World In Action Movie Trailer 355.

For millennia, Hollywood has waited in vain for the action woman who will restore the balance in strength and prove that liquidating the bad guy with style and finesse is not reserved only for one genre. Alas, the reluctance of producers associated with public rejection made the few attempts in the domain very unsuccessful. We will sadly remember Geena Davis and her bitter double failure of the 1990s Goodbye forever and Pirate island.

Michelle Rodriguez was seen as the chosen one, and could still transform the essay despite the dozens of Corona swallowed up with Vin Diesel. Nevertheless, it seems that Jessica Chastain is the new contender for the throne, since after the catastrophically boring Ava where she was trying to do a medley of killer clichés in the cinema, the actress has visibly repeated the operation with the figure of the spy in 355 whose new trailer just dropped.

Mace (Jessica Chastain), a CIA agent, decides to assemble four other agents respectively from England (Lupita Nyong’o), Colombia (Penelope Cruz), China (Bingbing Fan) and Germany (Diane Kruger) under the code name 355, in homage to Agent 355 of the Secret Service during the American Revolution. Objective: to fight against an organization that could provoke the third world war …

A dirty scent ofOcean’s Eight saturated with hints of recent Charlie’s Angels hangs over this trailer. 355 obviously made the choice of transpose all the most cliché clichés among the spy actioner’s clichés, from one genre to another, hoping it wouldn’t show. Spoiler: it shows like the nose in the middle of the nose, and the script is obviously so cliché that Tom Cruise could write it in his sleep.

Jessica Bourne

We could try to reassure ourselves with the director or the screenwriter, but 355 was led by franchise gravedigger Simon Kinberg X-men with X-Men : Dark Phoenix and scripted by Theresa Rebeck, American playwright whose main achievement on the big screen was … Catwoman. So we’re scared and we’re almost angry to see so many talents come together to sabotage their careers as a team.

See you on January 5, 2022 in French theaters to remind you how much we miss Geena Davis.