November 27, 2021

A national film festival in the making in Vierzon

Decompartmentalize viewers by mixing all broadcasting formats (for theaters, television or platforms), encourage meetings with professionals, open debates: this is the concept proposed by the Festival du film de demain (FFD), planned for June 2022, at Ciné Lumière, in Vierzon.

During three days, nine French films dealing with subjects of societal issues will be in competition.

During three days, nine French films, known as “impacting”, dealing with subjects with societal issues, such as integration, the fight against discrimination, the climate… will be in competition. A jury, also decompartmentalised, composed of six members, in particular professionals and a student from the region in cinema option, will award six prizes (best film, director, actor, actress, screenplay and audience prize). Masterclasses, as well as a competition open to young people aged 15 to 25, the FFD challenge, will also be on the program.

Moments of discussion with professionals will allow you to discover the different professions of cinema (writing, composition, production, casting, directing, directing, etc.).

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“This project is a continuation of the films I make. I’ve always wanted to find solutions, my films have provoked things.

Louis-Julien Petit (Director, creator of the festival)

“I live in the region and I know the Ciné Lumière, where I have already presented films”, explains Louis-Julien Petit, director of Discount, from Carole matthieu and Invisible, creator of the FFD, with Mathieu Bonnefont and Camille Carteret, two actors.

Cine meetings in Vierzon, for the film Carole Matthieu, with the director Louis-Julien Petit and the actor Sébastien Chassagne (Archives 2017)

With its seven theaters and 1,200 seats, well located in the center of France, the Vierzonnais cinema seemed to him the ideal place: “I called Francis Fourneau (operator of Ciné Lumière, NDRL) who gave me all his encouragement in this project, ”says the filmmaker, who makes films around social issues. “This project is a continuation of the films I make. I’ve always wanted to find solutions, my films have provoked things. It is an honor that the festival is held in this place and to see the excitement of cinema and the city. I am very happy about it. “

An event that will “give strength to our city”

The municipality had indeed also supported the idea of ​​this event appearing in the application for the French Capital of Culture 2022 label (not obtained). And by presenting the festival to the city council, last Thursday, the mayor, Nicolas Sansu, spoke of an event that will “give strength to our city […], a festival whose mission will be to offer films that raise awareness and provoke debate ”. The FFD will thus benefit from a subsidy of 75,000 euros, voted on by elected officials, in addition to other expected support, such as that of the National Center for Cinema and Animated Image (CNC).

A challenge for young designers

The festival has another objective: to mobilize young people, in the room, to see films, but also creators. The FFD challenge is made for them. About thirty teams will be formed to produce a 5-minute film in 48 hours during the festival. The winners will receive a CNC Young Talent grant of 3,000 euros.

An interface is being created to receive applications with motivational videos. The selection will be made next January. “It will be a moment for them,” specifies Louis-Julien Petit. Each year, a theme will be proposed to them, such as homophobia, racism, women… ”Because the idea is well to place this new national meeting of the cinema in time, in Vierzon. The films showing in this first edition are currently being selected.

Veronique petreau