November 27, 2021

a game to match the movies? Press tests

Guardians of the Galaxy have been, since the film’s release in 2014, one of the many pillars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A popular universe in which Eidos-Montreal takes us back through an eponymous video game. And the press seems conquered.

Star-Lord, Groot, Gamora, Drax … So many names that it is difficult not to recognize. Released in 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the MCU’s biggest hits, introducing us to the wacky and popular characters from the comic book that originally appeared in 1969 through two films. A box office and hearts hit carried by actors and a soundtrack as funk as each other. But luckily, Eidos-Montreal, associated with Square Enix, is releasing the adaptation of this universe into a video game at the end of October. A third-person action adventure game in which we play Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, leading his crew in a universe marked by destructive interstellar warfare. But it seems that the press is conquered. The tests in detail.

The universe is waiting for you and your brave crew. Eidos-Montreal seems to have conquered the hearts of the press, at least that’s what its Metacritic rating suggests, which achieved excellent results. 81/100 on PS5, 77/100 on PC and 83/100 on Xbox Series. On the positive side, we retain a lot of the narration of this new release. This is the opinion of Gamespot, which gives it a score of 70/100: “The game shines with its storytelling which is enhanced by a talented cast of voice actors and a terrific soundtrack.“A scenario and interactions between the player and the AI ​​of his crew, which allows a tell-tale storytelling where your choices greatly influence the unfolding of the story. It is this second point that constitutes the big point strong game according to IGN, which gives him a very good 80/100: “Guardians of the Galaxy perfectly balances a wacky, action-packed adventure with a few heartwarming moments, and the choices you are given can add personal and surprising twists to every playthrough.

Among the more negative points, it is often mentioned a gameplay a little too classic. Guardians of the Galaxy offers a fun experience, but far from transcendent, according to Gameblog which gives it a shy 70/100 in “hoping that the fights would have been a little more inspired and civilized.“This is also an opinion that we find through various reviews, which although generally positive, deplores the lack of inventiveness of the action phases, particularly at the end of the game if we believe our colleagues from “A truly attractive journey, in particular thanks to an efficient and fluid combat system which nevertheless shows its limits at the end of the game and against the bosses.“The site still gives it the excellent score of 16/20.


All in all, Guardians of the Galaxy is an excellent video game that seems to convince on all platforms. It benefits from an artistic direction which knew how to retransmit the atmosphere and the humor of James Gunn’s films with brio, in particular thanks to a very well put together scenario and a talented cast. However, the game fishes a bit on the gameplay side, particularly in the action phases and boss fights that lack inspiration. Its tell-tale side nevertheless offers it a big plus and allows the player to be involved a little more in his crazy scenario.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is already available in France and this on the stores of your platforms and at specialized resellers. The game is available on the next-gen, PS5 and Xbox Series consoles as well as on PC. The good news is that Square Enix hasn’t forgotten about old-gen console owners since it also released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. If you too want to immerse yourself in the heart of the adventures of the most endearing heroes in space, we can find it for you at the best price.

Marvel: Guardians of the Galaxy is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.