November 30, 2021

a figure of OM close to Galtier the fly in the Delort affair!

Zapping But! Football Club OM – Lille : Le debrief

We have certainly not finished hearing about the controversy Andy Delort. While the OGC Nice striker refused to respond to Algeria’s last summons for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Djamel Belmadi took it up twice in the media.

The coach of the Fennecs has to reframe no later than yesterday by Christophe Galtier, who did not appreciate his way of doing things and did not hesitate to tell him at a press conference: “Belmadi, I am knew when he was a player. He was already excessive. Yesterday I still found it very excessive. May he take care of his team and let us work peacefully. We are creating an unhealthy and dangerous climate around OGC Nice. Putting the blame on the club is dishonest. It’s too easy to say that the Gym does not want to send its players to selection. “

Faced with this offensive exit, Eric Di Méco lectured the coach of OGC Nice despite their proximity in life. “Galtier is my friend, I praise him when he deserves it, but he was not good at his press conference. There is nothing to get excited about, railed the former OM player on RMC Sport without understanding Delort’s decision to leave the selection either. He waited a long time, it was not easy for him to become an Algerian international and he requested it. He went out of his way to play the CAN, which he won. That Nice does not want to send him to the CAN yes, but he must pull the curtain and say: ‘Thank you very much Algeria, I am retiring internationally.’ “

to summarize

While the Andy Delort affair (OGC Nice, 30 years old) has been in full swing since the start of the international break, Éric Di Méco put his two cents in and did not share the position of Christophe Galtier, of whom he is yet close.