November 28, 2021

a digital campaign already well orchestrated by those close to him

“Popular enthusiasm. “ This is how Samuel Lafont, formerly La Manif pour tous and François Fillon’s presidential campaign, in 2017, who now presents himself as the head of the “Digital communication of the support of Eric Zemmour”, describes the apparent success that his foal is currently experiencing on the Internet.

In reality, behind the notoriety of the polemicist, presented as organic and popular, hides a well-established organization. Since the beginning of the summer, and especially since September, Eric Zemmour’s close supporters have methodically laid the digital foundations for his candidacy through a galaxy of websites. By cross-checking in particular the public data attached to each domain name, The world has identified around thirty already registered by its supporters.

From to

Among the sites deposited by the first Zemmourien circle, some leave little doubt about their future employment, such as,, or Others display his portrait against the backdrop of the Elysee Palace or urge the French to sign petitions in support of his candidacy. One of them,, in draft form and purchased on September 21, mentions an application in the form of a letter addressed to the French.

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Eric Zemmour’s relatives have registered many other site names:,,,,,, ,,… Not all are active, and those who are inactive will not necessarily be used, having for example been reserved as a precaution, so as not to be caught by other people, or with a view to a strategy that will ultimately not be followed.

There is a model complaint (…) associated with a form where Internet users can enter their contact details

Others are immediately used, such as It was posted just three days after this comedian posted a risky joke on social networks that shocked the supporters of Eric Zemmour. There is a model complaint for apologizing for terrorism to the public prosecutor, associated with a form where Internet users can enter their contact details.

Almost all of these domain names have been pre-empted in recent weeks by Les Amis d’Eric Zemmour, an association created in the spring and the linchpin of this online pre-campaign, which has taken a prominent place in the organization around the polemicist, even setting up a political fundraising association. At the heart of this effort is François Miramont. The mobile phone number of this 52-year-old entrepreneur, living in the Somme and who runs a firm specializing in recruitment for the IT sector, has indeed been used to constitute almost all of the arsenal. by Eric Zemmour on the Internet.

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