November 29, 2021

6 sci-fi movies that didn’t get the follow-up they deserved

Numerous films de science-fiction cannot be done in isolation, their myth being that they are a real saga. Some of them, however, weren’t able to get a follow-up for a number of reasons, although they deserve it.

“Star Trek”, “Alien” and “Star Wars” are some of those films that may have had sequels. And it is difficult to consider each of their opus in isolation. The directors can’t claim that they’ve managed to deploy their genius in every sequel. But let’s face it, among the many recent films following classics, some are real nuggets. This is the case with “BladeRunner 2049” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”. For others, although some cinephiles claim them, their sequels are still pending.

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

Admittedly, not all of the films in question had received the best of reviews, but their potential leaves room for excellent sequels. Here are a few.

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Dune is one of those works that are not part of David Lynch’s pride. The latter even went so far as to replace his name with a pseudonym in the credits of certain versions.

In hindsight, however, experts thought that the film was unfairly criticized when it was released in 1984. It is indeed one of the first sci-fi films to take place in a desert universe and to feature idiosyncratic characters. . No chance of a sequel however, because since the film’s commercial failure, David Lynch has withdrawn from sci-fi productions.


Can a sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise be a failure? The answer will be no, if we don’t take Oblivion into consideration. The latter was only able to collect, for example, only 53% of favorable opinions on the American aggregator RottenTomatoes.

The jaw-dropping visuals and intriguing story could still have prompted Kosinski to whip up a sequel, but the latter doesn’t seem to be of the same opinion.


Little known to laymen, this film told the story of Gray Trace, a man broken and paralyzed following an assault that also resulted in the death of his wife. Until he is approached by a billionaire offering to administer a miracle cure giving him increased strength and better faculties.

The Black Hole

When it was released in 1979, The Black Hole could not even garner 40% positive opinions. Still, Disney’s sci-fi movie has some arguments to make.

This is particularly the case with his synopsis based on a desire buried in each of us to see a divine figure. This led the protagonists on an interstellar journey in which they were sucked into a black hole. The visual effects were also very convincing for the time. Although over time the film has become a cult following, no sequel is expected to come out, at least for the next few years.

John Carter

The title of the feature film John Carter is taken from the name of its main character. This veteran of the civil war is led to the planet Mars on which he must engage in gladiatorial fights.

Its opponents are representatives of competing foreign nations. Although it was full of special effects, the film was a box office failure. Its director does not plan to give it a sequel.


It was the same for the director behind Chronicle. However, this film recounting the origin of superheroes had more than 70% of opinions in favor of its release in 2012.

And so we imagined that he had everything he needed to follow up a real saga.