November 27, 2021

4th edition of FESTIC: the traveling digital cinema will show 24 films in rural areas

The coordinator of FESTIC, Wend-Lassida Ouédraogo

The coordinator of the Festival of cultural identities, Wend-Lassida Ouédraogo, announced that the fourth edition of FESTIC will take place from October 30 to November 6, under the theme: “Identity and living together”, facing the press on Tuesday 5 October 2021 in Ouagadougou. For this 4e edition, 24 films will be shown in urban areas to help promote and protect endangered cultural wealth.

For the fourth year in a row, the Festival of Cultural Identities (FESTIC), born from the experience of the practice of Mobile Digital Cinema (CNA) as a structure for the dissemination of African cinema in rural Africa will be held in Burkina for seven days. . This festival, according to its initiators, aims, among other things, to increase the level of knowledge of populations on the values ​​and cultural expressions of communities, to promote intercultural dialogue between communities and to promote orality and the oratory arts of communities through the ‘picture.

Indeed, the activity of the CNA consists in “traveling through villages to broadcast cinema in an African environment. This makes it possible to discover the cultural and artistic riches of the populations and localities crossed “, signified Wend-Lassida Ouédraogo, deploring the gradual disappearance of African cultural riches. “In time, we inherited education through storytelling evenings. Today, storytelling evenings have disappeared. We want that through the cinema which has recomposed the space of the tale, which transposes the tale on the screen, that we can bring this back to life ”, argued Mr. Ouédraogo.

“The story was done in the open, the cinema can and does. This is why we want this to be highlighted through productions that go in the direction of making it possible to discover communities, to discover cultural and artistic expressions. As part of the construction of living together, the fact of allowing populations to discover each other contributes enormously to forging social links and to rebuilding a living together, ”he argued.

Between the opening and closing ceremonies scheduled for October 30 and November 6 from 6.30 p.m., screenings of the 24 selected films will take place from October 31 to November 5, 2021 from 6 p.m. This year, they will be held at the University City of Kossodo and in the Ouidi district, headquarters of FESTIC. These are films by directors from 15 African countries and its diasporas, including 18 documentaries, three fictions, two animations and a series which will be followed by an exchange with the public, in the presence of some directors.

As innovations, for this fourth edition of FESTIC, affirmed Mr. Ouédraogo, “a screen will be dedicated specifically to children with adapted content”, a panel will be organized at the public university Pr Joseph Ki-Zerbo in Ouagadougou around the theme: “Cinema, a tool for educating people about living together”.

“In recent years, intolerance of religious, ethnic, cultural and social differences has reached a critical threshold,” said the coordinator of FESTIC, for whom, “violent extremism, radicalism, fundamentalism, regionalism, l ethnicism and xenophobia are all evils which plague our societies and engender abuses of all kinds ”. So that the living together deteriorates continuously to the point where it is necessary to find the combinations which sit.

This is why the FESTIC has decided to put for this edition, the Fulani and blacksmith communities in the spotlight in its reflections. The choice of these two communities aims “to highlight the joking kinship, a regulator of life in society and living together”, precisely in countries in West Africa, explained Wend-Lassida Ouédraogo.

The festival will also award prizes and awards for the best fiction (feature film), the best documentary (feature film), the audience award and the special jury award.

By Bernard BOUGOUM

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